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Founder’s Mike Reid and Ryan Newburn met by complete chance back in 2014 on the other side of the world. In a remote village in Japan, Mike was teaching English at a local school while Ryan happened to be passing through on a walk across the entire country. After Mike noticed a big bearded westerner wandering through the streets, they introduced each other and, as fellow adventurers, instantly became good friends. As fate would have it, three years later Mike would come to Iceland and became a glacier guide, while Ryan, now a professional landscape photographer, would soon follow.

Together these two crazy Americans decided to start the Ice Pic Journeys team as a passion project. Through their previous experience guiding with Icelandic companies, Mike and Ryan knew that they wanted people from all over the world to understand the glaciers and how they are changing. What better way to understand them than to create a personal experience combined with the visual elements of photography. This way, when you hike with us on any Iceland adventure tour, you will learn about the Icelandic glaciers first hand. But you will also have a professional photographer making unique, personal images for friends and family to see.

It is our mission to reveal to the world, ourselves amongst these natural wonders as a first step towards awareness and preserving the only glaciers that we have.  




Co-Founder Ice Pic Journeys Team

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Ryan moved to Iceland in 2018 to become a glacier guide for another company. Over these years, Ryan would develop his skills as a photographer, constantly shooting the landscapes that he was guiding in. 

Eventually he noticed that clients would always be happier when he would bring his camera on the tours while subsequently sending them the photos. Realizing the demand for having a photographer as well as a guide on a tour, he founded Ice Pic Journeys to give them just this.  Also check out his personal Instagram: thestrawhatbackpacker.



Co-Founder Ice Pic Journeys Team

Mike, a 3 time Guinness World Record holder and expedition athlete, has been guiding in the industry for over 8 years and has over 1500 glacier hikes under his belt. 

He is certified to the highest level for both glacier and alpine trekking guiding in Iceland under the Félag Fjallaleiðsögumanna á Íslandi (Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides) and also serves as an instructor to aspirant glacier guides. 

He can either be found climbing in the deep blue vertical ice caves or planning his next 9-day Vatnajokull Ice Cap crossing.

Roggi Guide for Ice Pic Journeys


Alpine & Glacier Guide

With a passion for exploration and a wealth of experience, Roggi has been leading expeditions on the majestic glaciers of Iceland since 2016.

From traversing the vast expanse of Vatnajökull on two epic 5+ day crossings to honing his skills internationally with extensive ski touring and ice climbing in Canada, to numerous days of skiing and climbing in Chamonix/Alps, he brings a global perspective to every adventure.

With a decade of exploring Iceland’s rugged landscapes under his belt, he offers unparalleled expertise. He even summited Iceland’s highest peak for the first time at the age of 13!

As an instructor with AIMG since 2024, certified in Wilderness First Response (WFR), AIMG Glacier Guide courses 1, 2, and 3, Alpine Trekking 1 and 2, as well as Avalanche Operations Level 1 (CAA1), rest assured you’re in safe hands for an unforgettable Icelandic adventure!

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 21.25.31


Alpine & Glacier Guide

Rich hails from New Zealand and has a great deal of experience in the outdoors in both personal and professional adventures. With credentials including NZMGA Hard Ice Guide 2, AIMG Hard Ice Guide (Jöklaleiðsögn 3), AIMG Alpine Trekking 1 (Fjallaleiðsögn 1), NOLS Wilderness First Responder, and Hard Ice Guiding Instructor, Rich brings a wealth of expertise to his guiding endeavors.

Rich has worked in Iceland for five years based in Skaftafell, serving as the Head Guide and Base Manager of a major glacier guiding operation. During his tenure, he was responsible for training, managing, and guiding on five of the glaciers within Vatnajökull National Park.

Prior to his arrival in Iceland, Rich spent six years working full time as a Senior Guide on the steep Franz Josef Glacier of Westland – Tai Poutini National Park in New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps. In his personal time, Rich enjoys exploring little-visited or remote areas of Vatnajökull, both on glaciers and summits. 


Dario from Ice Pic Journeys


Guide + Adventure Photographer

Dario discovered photography about 25 years ago (Circa 2009).  In fact, he bought his first Canon SLR to refine his technique and to try different photographic styles. Then the artistic breakthrough came in 2011, when he purchased a Canon full frame for Christmas. This upgrade, combined with his desire for knowledge, opened the door to professional commercial photography.

Immediately he traced his path to Still Life & Food Photography (with all branches of development, from web to print) and finally to nature photography, which became his life.
This allowed him to travel abroad to photograph the most beautiful places on earth! Making his desire to combine travel and photography stronger. Meanwhile, he also specialized in video shooting and editing.  He even started making travel videos, showreels, and documentaries, with which he is developing as long-term projects. Fun Fact: In 2019 Dario made the transition to live and work in Iceland as a glacier guide, where he fell in love with this work and sharing once-in-a-lifetime places with you!

Ice Pic Journeys Team Krzysztof


Guide + Adventure Photographer

Krzysztof, was once a hitchhiker who traveled over 6,000 km across Europe.  But when he came to Iceland he got addicted to these dynamic landscapes so he stayed longer. 

He’s living the dream!

Working with Ice Pic Journeys allows him to connect all his favorite things – Photography, Super Jeep Driving, long exciting days in nature, and the BEST  thing — Sharing it with other people!

Fun Fact: Krzyszstof is always ready to wake up at any time of the night to see Northern Lights!

Adam Ice Pic Journeys


Guide + Adventure Photographer

Adam, A.K.A. ”Mario Man” has lived in Iceland for the past 5 years but has travelled across the globe as a Dive Instructor for almost 10 years. He loves all things outdoors to do with H20, whether it be in a liquid or frozen form. Adam’s H20 hobbies include Surfing, Paddleboarding, Freediving, Spearfishing, SCUBA Diving and now Glaciers.

But he also loves to spend time indoors gaming. He is the founder of the Mario Kart community in Iceland and has organized many large scale events in Iceland sponsored by the Nintendo Dealers (Ormsson) and is currently the second best Mario Kart player in the country!

He has plans to open his own gaming center next year so if you want to do a tour with him you better be quick!

Julien Ice Pic Journeys


Guide + Adventure Photographer

2 Hours before landing, Julien did not know anything about Iceland.  Then a 3 week stay.  Turned into 5 years!   It’s fair to say, Julien knows more about Iceland than most Icelanders.  His love and passion for this country is said to be as big as the dynamic landscapes Iceland has to offer.

He’s a natural volcano chaser, adventure seeker, talented photographer, and licensed ice walker.  As your skilled guide, he will go above and beyond to show you and capture you with all of these wonders!

Zuzana Guide at IPJ


Guide & Adventure Photographer

Skiing and snowboarding are her favorite ways of using the gravity!

Zuzana is a winter child born in High Tatras Mountains (Slovakia). Snow is her element- so she will be where the good snow is. Zuzana has been working as a ski & snowboard instructor since she was 14. During her career, she accomplished several stages of winter instructor licenses and avalanche certifications.

After she worked on her WFR and Jökla-1 glacier guiding certification her path led to become a glacier guide and a photographer for Ice Pic Journeys.

During summer you will find her on the Icelandic glaciers taken by the art of water and ice-formations waiting for another winter.

Fun Facts: She can drive everything you give her!  The most bizarre vehicle she learned to drive is a 60-year-old war amphibian LARC-V boat used by U.S. Army during Vietnam War.

Ice Pic Journeys Ann


Business Development Manager

Ann’s past lives include professionally skydiving across 6 continents and photographing adventure weddings all over the world (including Antarctica).  She has been to 90+ countries and finds peace anywhere on or near a glacier.

She is also a degreed Logistics & SEO guru who loves to SUP, ice climb, hike, build brands, and scout new locations via super jeep in the Highlands of Iceland!

Becca at Ice Pic Journeys


Operations & Travel Expert

Becca has a background as a Scuba Instructor and Adventurer Driver guide here in Iceland with a Masters in Sustainable Tourism Management.  After a break in guiding while becoming a Mum Becca has joined us at Ice Pic Journey to ensure that our operations run as smoothly as possible behind the scenes. That way, the team can just have fun on the day with you!  Day to day you might touch base with her as she helps you plan your trips or answers any of your questions!

Ice Pic Journeys Editor Ola


Head of Photo & Design

Ola applies her creativity to both graphic design and illustration. At Ice Pic Journeys, she is tasked with ensuring that you receive the perfect photos! Additionally, she excels as a master of collage illustration and animation.
In another world, she would have been a mermaid, as she discovers peace in the water. During her leisure hours, you’ll likely find her at a swimming pool or wandering in nature, seeking inspiration for new and exciting projects.
Ice Pic Journeys Team Noami


Social media manager/ sales manager for Spanish speaking market

Fluent in Spanish and a polyglot, she effortlessly communicates with our Spanish-speaking guests. Beyond language, she bridges the gap between our agency and travel agencies from around the world.

Additionally, she’s the creative mastermind behind our captivating social media content. Through stunning visuals and engaging narratives, she unveils Iceland’s finest destinations and experiences to a global audience, sparking wanderlust and excitement. With her expertise and passion, she ensures that every journey with us is truly unforgettable.


Reykjavik Operation:

Sunset with Land Rover Defender owned by Ice Pic Journeys


Inside of Land Rover Defender Ice Pic Journeys

Land Rover Defender SE 110

Sunset with Land Rover Defender

Glacier Operations:

Ice Pic Journeys Nissan Patrol


Sunrise shot of Ice Pic Journeys Super Jeeps

Nissan Patrols

Ecoliner Super Jeep Ice Pic Journeys
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