Iceland Rental Cars Driving with Mountain and Rainbow

Iceland Rental Cars & Driving Tips

Driving in Iceland can be the best thing ever or the most challenging thing ever!  Really depends on the time of year you visit and what Mother Nature dishes out.  But there are ways to prepare yourself to ensure you are ready no matter what!  Therefore, today we will share with you all you need...

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Vestrahorn Mirror Mountain Höfn Iceland

Everything You Need to Know About Höfn Iceland

Höfn Iceland is one of those towns in Iceland that captivate you.  Maybe even forever imprint on your heart!  Why?  Because the town is unexpected.  You might originally book a hotel in the town as you do your Iceland self-drive journey.  But not realize how fabulous it is until you experience it.  Well good news,...

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What are the best ice caves in Iceland?

Your Guide to Iceland Ice Caves 2024

It’s hard to imagine anything more astonishing than standing inside a blue, natural glacier ice cave. Likewise, these colossal ice caves are formed each year by melting glacial water. Therefore it’s important to remember ice caves, always vary in size and shape. In fact, you could visit the same cave with just a few days...

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Glacier Lagoon Northern Lights Tour

Iceland Northern Lights (Aurora Hunting Guide)

Travelers who seek out unique experiences likely want to journey somewhere during wintertime to set their eyes on the elusive Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights). After all, to most witnessing them can be a once in a lifetime experience!  But then a million and one questions enter your brain. Am I right?! Well don’t fret,...

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Ice Pic Journeys, founded by Mike and Ryan, blends adventure and photography to educate global visitors about Iceland’s glaciers. Our mission is to raise awareness and preserve these natural wonders.
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