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Icelandic highlands with Ice Pic Journeys

Discover the Best Time to Visit Iceland

When planning a trip to Iceland, timing can make all the difference between an unforgettable adventure and a missed opportunity.  Our team at Ice Pic Journeys, wants to ensure you experience the full magic of Iceland.  No matter if you’re drawn by the Northern Lights, midnight sun, glaciers, stunning waterfalls, adventure, or culture and history,...

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Ice Pic Journeys Summer Ice Cave in Iceland

Visit a Summer Ice Cave in Iceland

 Exploring a glacier is an awe-inspiring and is hands down an unforgettable experience to have!  From the mind-boggling size of it, the different textures of the ice and the glacier’s surface and its frozen beauty will leave you speechless.  And if you add on an exploration of a natural ice cave, then you are in...

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Iceland Viking Experiences with Ice Pic Journeys

Step Back in Time with Iceland Viking Tours

Visiting Iceland is a dream trip for many.  Likely why many go big or go home!  Therefore, why not embark on an immersive journey through Iceland’s deep rooted Viking heritage?  Truly a must do if you’re a lover of history!  And good news!  With our Ice Pic Journeys Viking Tours, you’ll step back in time...

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Krýsuvík Church Stop with Ice Pic Journeys

Surviving the Icelandic Weather

It’s not that cold, but our tiny island is called Iceland!  However, it’s not that hot either.  But we do have hot springs and volcanoes!  In summer there’s 24-hours daylight, and winters are dark with all kinds of storms. Also, since we’re a small volcanic rock in the North Atlantic, it’s windy all the time. ...

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Atlantis Helicopter Ice Cave with Ice Pic Journeys

How Ice Caves Evolve in Iceland

Iceland’s stunning ice caves are constantly changing.  Truly leaving each visitor with a unique experience that cannot be replicated.  Making the phrase “a once-in-a-lifetime experience” totally accurate!  However, do you know how ice caves evolve in Iceland?  Today our Ice Pic Journeys team would like to educate you on that very topic.  Come along with...

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Hiker conquering fear on Icelandic Glacier

What to Wear for Glacier Tours

Visiting a glacier is an invigorating experience!  In fact, for many, it is a once-in-a-lifetime journey.  Also, good news too Iceland has 13 glaciers beckoning you to explore!  Therefore, in traveling to Iceland, choosing to book a glacier tour is a brilliant idea!  After all, we are the famed land of fire and ice!  So...

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Iceland Rental Cars Driving with Mountain and Rainbow

Iceland Rental Cars & Driving Tips

Driving in Iceland can be the best thing ever or the most challenging thing ever!  Really depends on the time of year you visit and what Mother Nature dishes out.  But there are ways to prepare yourself to ensure you are ready no matter what!  Therefore, today we will share with you all you need...

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What are the best ice caves in Iceland?

Your Guide to Iceland Ice Caves 2024

It’s hard to imagine anything more astonishing than standing inside a blue, natural glacier ice cave. Likewise, these colossal ice caves are formed each year by melting glacial water. Therefore it’s important to remember ice caves, always vary in size and shape. In fact, you could visit the same cave with just a few days...

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Glacier Lagoon Northern Lights Tour

Iceland Northern Lights (Aurora Hunting Guide)

Travelers who seek out unique experiences likely want to journey somewhere during wintertime to set their eyes on the elusive Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights). After all, to most witnessing them can be a once in a lifetime experience!  But then a million and one questions enter your brain. Am I right?! Well don’t fret,...

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Ice Pic Journeys, is the only company in Iceland that pairs professional photo packages with your unforgettable experiences!  Also the creators of the world’s first and only Glacier Zip Line!

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