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Everything You Need to Know About Höfn Iceland

Höfn Iceland is one of those towns in Iceland that captivate you.  Maybe even forever imprint on your heart!  Why?  Because the town is unexpected.  You might originally book a hotel in the town as you do your Iceland self-drive journey.  But not realize how fabulous it is until you experience it.  Well good news, because today we are going to share with you everything you need to know about Höfn!

Where is Höfn Iceland?

Höfn is a Southeastern town in Iceland with stunning glacier views.  Which has an approximate population of 2,500 people which flexes up during summer.  Furthermore, it is a charming seaside village which catches langoustine and different types of fish.  Also, it is near the famous Hornafjörður fjord which is home to Stokksnes.  Drive times from different areas around Iceland vary but here is a quick reference:

  • Downtown Reykjavik: 6 hours
  • From Vik Iceland: 3.5 hours
  • Driving from Akureyri: 6.5 hours
  • From the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon: 1 hour 10 minutes

Next, if you’re taking the Ring Road (Route 1) it is only a 5-minute detour to get to the village of Höfn.  Meanwhile, you can also use Google Maps to find your way there as well!  Additionally, please be aware it is best that you rent a car from the KEF Aiport.  Our friends at Northbound offers the best car rental rates in Iceland so please take time to check them out!

Höfn Travel Guide 2024

Traveling around Iceland whether you’re self-driving, taking a tour or expedition is exciting!  After all, you’re going to experience landscapes that will look like another planet.  Maybe you’ll even push your limits doing or eating something you normally wouldn’t, who knows!

Whatever the type of memory that may be forever etched into your brain.  Likely you’ll also recall how a place or town made you feel.  Therefore, we want to set you up for success by sharing with you a complete guide to the nearest town to Europe’s largest glacier, Höfn!  For example, we will share the best hotels to stay at, restaurants, and unforgettable things to do!

Southeast Iceland Hotels

When you’re planning a trip to Iceland one of the most important dynamics to plan is where to sleep!  Additionally, when you’re heading toward Southeast Iceland there are a plethora of wonderful options to consider.  Today we are going to easily organize a list for you to select and book directly with a Höfn Iceland hotel…

10 Minutes from our Meeting Point:
Hotels in Höfn:
Campgrounds in Höfn:
  • Höfn Camping
  • Special Note: Wild camping is not allowed in South Iceland as a rule.  Please make sure you find your way to this campground if in the area.
2 hours or less from Höfn
Unique Accommodation Near Höfn:

Places to Eat in Höfn

No matter if you’re a meat eater, pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan Iceland has something for everyone!  Many dishes in Iceland are infused with Icelandic mountain herbs or use locally farmed or caught ingredients.  Plus, typically on most Iceland Resturant menus, you will find some comfort foods to ensure everyone of every age is satisfied.  But what can you find to eat before or after our Ice Pic Journeys Glacier Tours?  Here is a quick rundown of all your options near and in the town of Höfn!

At the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon:
Town of Höfn (East of Glacier Lagoon):
Heading West (towards Kirkjubaejarklaustur):
Heading Further East:

Höfn Things to Do

Now that you know where to stay and eat, let’s talk about things to do in Höfn!  Likely, it’s best we break down the activities by type.  Especially since we know everyone travels differently and has various interests.  We will try to make it easy on you so you can take your pick!

Summer Things to Do in Höfn
Winter Things to Do in Höfn
Höfn Museums:
Interesting Things to Photograph Near Höfn:

Ice Pic Journeys Glacier Operations

In conclusion, we hope today’s Guide to Höfn has provided a firm foundation for you in booking your Southeast Iceland trip!  We very much look forward to seeing you on a Winter, Summer or Private adventure with us soon!  Feel free to contact us if you wish to make a more custom trip.  Lastly, remember what sets our team apart too… We pair every experience you take with us with professional photos!  Because who doesn’t want documented bragging rights?

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