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Ice Pic Journeys FAQ

For all of our Glacier Tours (unless of course you have specifically arranged a tour starting in Reykjavík), you will meet your guide at the Glacier Lagoon parking lot in Vatnajokull National  Park. The official address for this location is: í Hornafirði, Jökulsárlón, Glacier Lagoon, 781 Höfn or you can simply type in ‘Ice Pic Journeys’ in Google Maps and we will come up. 

It is important to be aware that this is a 5-hour drive from Reykjavik so it is always recommended to stay at an accommodation closer to this meeting point.

It is best to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tour so you can use the restrooms since there will be none at the glacier. Your guide will be right across from the restrooms in the bus parking lot. You can look for the ‘Ice Pic Journeys’ logo on our 4×4 vehicle amongst the other companies. 

Departure will be precisely at the scheduled time so it is important to arrive on time or you may miss the tour.

Good question and one of the most often asked Ice Pic Journeys FAQ!

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tour so you can use the restrooms. Note- There will be no restrooms at the glacier.

Departure will be precisely at the scheduled time so it is important to arrive on time or you may miss the tour.

The weather in Iceland can be challenging so we suggest to dress in layers.  For example, a good base layer underneath hiking clothes.  Your outerwear should ideally be waterproof.  Top your Iceland glacier look off with a pair of your favorite hiking boots!

Our Ice Pic Journeys team offers rentals (rain gear, hiking boots, etc) as well if you need them.  But we need the items (with size requests) to be added and paid for 24 hours before the tour time.

Lastly, having a small backpack with a hat, gloves,  sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks, and other accessories can be nice to have as well.  Feel free to check out What to Wear for Glacier Tours blog post our Amazon Storefront for more ideas!

Generally, where we hike on the glacier has very little difference in temperature then the surrounding area. However, sometimes moderate winds can come down from higher up the glacier, and will cause you to feel a few degrees colder. Always bring an extra layer of clothing in case the weather changes.

The best website for specific and accurate weather conditions in Iceland is For up-to-the-minute road conditions and/or closures and safety warnings visit

Throughout the summer season old ice caves will melt away and new ice caves will form in different locations. Therefore every year we find new caves of different sizes and shapes. That means that every trip to the glacier provides you with unique experience.

You have a plethora of options!

  1. We find most travelers like the ability to self-drive and make an adventure out of it!  Check out our friends at NorthBound who gather the best car rental rates in Iceland!  Also, have a look at our blog post we wrote about Driving in Iceland.
  2. Book a multi-day tour with us!  That way, you can relax and enjoy everything the spectacular South Coast of Iceland has to offer.
  3. We can provide a pickup service from Reykjavík in one day, which if available can be booked with your tour.  However, this 10+ drive is unavailable in the winter (Nov-March) and there are no additional stops other than restroom breaks.
  4. You can fly from the Reykjavik domestic airport (RKV) to Höfn (HFN) via Eagle Air. Then contact us and we can arrange transfers to/from the lagoon for you for an additional cost.
  5. There is a local bus service called Streato where route 52 can take you from Reykjavík to the glacier lagoon and Höfn. But that said, we do not generally recommend this route as it can take 12+ hours each way.

If your tour is canceled because the weather is making it impossible to safely hike on the glacier, you will be entitled to a full refund or rescheduling to a different date.  Need more info?  Check out our Terms & Conditions page.

Our gear is stored in the town of Höfn.  Therefore, if interested in adding any of our rental gear, you need to order 24-48 hours in advance.  Ideally, you add on at the time of booking your tour to ensure the best availability.  However, closer to your date we may still be able to accommodate.  Feel free to contact us with your list of desired rentals (with size requests) and we can see what is a possibility.

However, please be aware, we do not offer refunds on booked rentals that are provided by our team as it takes time to prep and have ready.  Refunds are not possible for unused gear.

Our standard age requirement for our Ice Cave tours is the minimum age is 6 years old.  However, for our Glacier Hikes, Glacier Zipline or Ice Climbing Tours it is 10 in the Winter and 8 years old in the Summer.  We can adjust these on a case-by-case basis occasionally. 

Special Note: If looking to take anyone younger than the set ages… In our Private Glacier Tours, we have taken very young babies.


  • Children under 5 need to be carried (at least partially) in a backpack or sling. 
  • All persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Unless otherwise prearranged the adults need to provide their own car seat. Per Icelandic LAW: Children under 135 cm must use a child car seat when travelling in a car. Taller children are free to use car seats as long as the car seat is intended for children of that height and weight. Children under 150 cm must not sit in front of an active airbag. To find out more visit

For people of moderate fitness the hike is very easy. On the hike we will stop to make many breaks for photos. Our pace will always be adjusted to the comfort of the clients. Total round trip distance on average is 5-10 km (3.1-6.2 miles) with the gradual elevation gain of 85-130 meters (275-425 feet) depending on the tour.

All photographs taken from the tour will be processed by a professional editor after the tour. Processing time will take an average of 14 days. This is just an average and it could take slightly less or even a few more days. This is because we amass hundreds of photos per day/thousands per week and are working to make sure every one of our guests gets the best photos possible.  Once completed, your photos will be uploaded into a downloadable gallery. There you can access them to download and even order your favorite print too!

The IPJ Editor selects and edits the photo package based on what we feel are the best shots from the day. If additional photos are available outside of the package count they may be available for 1,000 ISK per but not guaranteed.

Also be aware that if there is a request to have specific photos from the day, advance notice via email is required before the editing process begins.

We pick and professionally edit the best photos taken of you on your tour. Unless additional photos or particular poses are requested before or during your tour it is very difficult for us to then provide them at a later date. 

However, if we can accommodate an additional photo request there may be an additional charge for a package add-on at our standard rate of 5,000 ISK per 5 additional shots (or 1,000 ISK per image).

Thrilled to offer you some recommendations on places to eat lunch or dinner after one of our fabulous tours from the famed Glacier Lagoon!  Checkout of our list favorites below by direction you might be headed:

At the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon:

Town of Höfn (East of Glacier Lagoon):

Heading West (towards Kirkjubaejarklaustur):

Make sure you check out our Travel Guide to Hofn Iceland too!


Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for missing a tour however we will do our best to reschedule you for another tour if available.

Happy to provide some recommendations for you as this is one of Ice Pic Journeys FAQ!  First, the closest town/village is Höfn.  Second, there are many choices to consider that are in close proximity to the Glacier Lagoon.  Third, here are a few of our favorites:

Also, feel free to check out our Guide to Hofn!

Absolutely!  We can fully customize or alter any tour to a private adventure for you / your group. Please contact us directly for a private tour quote.

For half day tours we do not stop for lunch, although you can bring a snack if you prefer. Full day tours we will make a stop for a lunch break but the food is not provided so you will need to bring your own. Water is always recommended to bring, and you may also be able to fill up your bottle with fresh glacier water.

Although there is no weight limit, you need to have a 50” inch waist or less.  Also, you need to be able to walk 10km / 6.2 miles at a normal pace.

Pro Tip: If you wish for iconic photos in center of the Glacier Zip Line…. You need to be able to have enough upper body strength to pull yourself to the middle.

If weather conditions for the the Zip Line become unsafe during your tour then your guide we alter your tour to a Glacier Hike (and Ice Cave- winter only) tour to maximise your experience. To find out more please read our Terms and Conditions.

Special Notes:

-Pregnant women should skip this activity. 

-During Winter (Sept-April) Glacier Zipline Tours children must be 10 years or older. 

-During Summer (May-August) Glacier Zipline Tours the age can be lower as long as the child fits in our smallest harness.  We have taken children as young as 7 or 8 years old with their families.

Ice Pic Journeys driver guides are professional photographers.  Therefore, just like any professional photographer in this industry, we do not sell or give away our copyrighted unedited files.  But please do enjoy your edited photos!

Images seen on our social media accounts or website are not exact representations of what you will receive as deliverables.  Additionally, Ice Pic Journeys cannot guarantee that specific poses will be taken during the tour as light, photographer style and angles, weather, colors of clothing, and willingness of subjects always vary.  The images on our website are examples of what you could receive in regards to editing style and example poses.  

However, if you have a pose specifically in mind, you need to make it known to your guide or email us in advance.  Also be aware that glaciers and ice caves are within an ever changing environment so recreating exact images may not be possible. 

There are times when we require a 2-slot minimum at to run our tours.  So you can either wait closer to the day to see if anyone else books or you can buy 2 slots to make the tour happen.  

Furthermore, solo travelers have also found people on travel FB groups or Reddit.  Therefore we encourage you to see if you can find another traveler there if you need.  

Also for further help… Recently we started a Facebook group specific to folks looking for others to join our tours or ride share with.  It’s growing and we are hopeful it can be useful to solo travelers going forward.  You can see and join the group here:

Of course!  We would love to be a part of your milestone moment!

However, we strongly advise that you book a private tour so that you can maximize your special experience. Unfortunately, if you book a standard “open” tour our guide will have to ensure all guests receive an equal experience.

If you’re interested in proposing in Iceland or a glacier wedding, read more about our offerings HERE!


Heck yes! Review our Sustainability Policy to understand what areas we focus on.

The volcano system that has been erupting in the Reykjanes Peninsula IS NOT effecting air traffic to/from Iceland.  See more on that topic HERE.

Read all about us on our About page!

Yes! You and every member of your booking need to sign and agree to our digital Liability and Risk Waiver. You can find it and complete it here.

For different questions, contact us

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