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Zip Line + Ice cave

Experience Iceland like never before on our Glacier Zip Line + Ice Cave tour! Adventure awaits!


October-April (Summer Click HERE)


Glacier Lagoon Parking Lot


Approximately 6 Hours


10:00 AM or 12:00 PM

Varies by Daylight


1-8 People


50,000 ISK per person
($360 / €335 / £285)


Have the ultimate thrill in Iceland by experiencing the  first & only Glacier Zip Line in the world! Soar across the glacier and over a vertical ice cave (called a Moulin) taking in panoramic views of the vast blue and white expanse below. Feel the wind rush through your hair as you glide above the frozen landscape, taking in the natural beauty of Iceland from a whole new perspective. Along with the zip line, you will also get to experience our famous Crystal Ice Cave, Iceland’s biggest and most blue naturally formed glacier cave. 

This Glacier Zip Line + Ice Cave tour is the perfect combination of adventure and natural wonder, giving you the chance to experience Iceland’s unique landscapes in a whole new way. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the beauty of the ice caves while getting your heart racing on the one and only glacier zip line!

´No-fly´ Zip Line tickets are for guests who wish to participate in the full tour experience, except go on the Zip Line. ´No-fly´ tickets will have the opportunity to watch their family, loved ones and friends on the Zip Line. They will not have the opportunity to leave the tour early and must stay with the guide. 

Optional: Pickup/Drop-off out of Reykjavik for this Glacier Zip Line + Ice Cave Tour is available for an additional 175,000 ISK per group (max 6 pax). Pickup time would be at 6:30am from your accommodation and the duration of the tour would change to approx. 16 hours. This option will be visible once you click ‘continue’ at the checkout.


Meeting with your Guide

You will meet your guide at the Glacier Lagoon parking lot in Vatnajokull National  Park. The official address for this location is: í Hornafirði, Jökulsárlón, Glacier Lagoon, 781 Höfn or you can simply type in ‘Ice Pic Journeys’ in Google Maps and we will come up. It is important to be aware that this is a 5-hour drive from Reykjavik so it is always recommended to stay at an accommodation closer to this meeting point.

It is best to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tour so you can use the restrooms since there will be none at the glacier. Your guide will be right across from the restrooms in the bus parking lot. You can look for the ‘Ice Pic Journeys’ logo on our 4×4 vehicle amongst the other companies. 

Drive in 4×4 to Vatnajokull Glacier

From the Glacier Lagoon parking lot, you will hop aboard one of our 4×4 vehicles and head towards the glacier. About 10 minutes into your journey, you will turn off onto an F-Road and make the bumpy journey toward the glacier. From the road to the glacier parking lot, this will take roughly 20-30 minutes to reach. As you drive, your guide will teach you the history of the surrounding area as you enjoy a scenic ride through an ancient glacier plain.

Optional Add-On: Pickup/Drop-off out of Reykjavik is available for an additional 175,000 ISK per group (max 6 people). Adding this on will make your transport to/from the tour private but not the tour itself. Pickup time would be 7 am from your accommodation and the duration of the tour would change to approx. 15 hours. When this option is available it will be visible once you click ‘continue’ at the checkout.

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Hike to the Ice Cave

Once you arrive at the glacier parking lot, your guide will begin handing out your gear for the tour. This includes crampons, an ice axe, a harness, a helmet with a headlamp, and hiking boots if you rented them. Once everyone has their gear, you will take a 30-minute hike to the edge of the glacier. The hike is relatively easy for most and will have you walking on flat, yet slightly rocky ground the entire way. We will always go at the pace of our guests so you can take your time and enjoy the walk as your guide leads the way.

Arriving at the Iceland Crystal Ice Cave

Upon arriving at the edge of the glacier, you will be greeted with a massive cavern in front of you with a river running underneath it. You have finally reached our Crystal Ice Cave! Also regarded as the Sapphire Ice Cave, this cave varies each year in its shape, location, and size. This is because the cave is always melting away and reforming naturally during the summertime. That is why you will always get a unique experience when going into it because it will never be the same as it was on that day.

Before entering the cave, your guide will help you put on your crampons. After your guide instructs you on how to put them on, your guide will go over a safety briefing about walking on the glacier and exploring the cave. It’s important to understand and follow these rules and to ask any questions that you may have before stepping foot on the ice. 

Exploring the Crystal Ice Cave

Entering the ice cave will be an unreal and otherworldly experience for most people. Your eyes will slowly adjust to the crystal blue walls of the cave and showcase its hidden beauty. As your guide leads you deeper into the ice cave, they will take their camera and photograph you in the best locations and angles. Having explored and photographed these caves hundreds of times, they will have the best insight at getting you amazing photos while you relax and enjoy the cave without worry.


As you are enjoying the ice cave, your guide will teach you about its formation and composition. You will spend roughly an hour inside the cave, exploring all of the different areas. Normally, these caves will have multiple chambers that you will be able to explore as you go deeper into the cave, however, this can vary from year to year. After everyone is happy with their photos and experience inside the cave, we will exit and make our way onto the glacier.

Glacier Hike to the Zip Line

Next, you will put your crampons into the ice and make your way onto Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier. Hiking on the ice is definitely a unique feeling and may take some getting used to but by the end of the tour, you won’t want to take your crampons off! As you hear the crunch below you, you will march forward and follow your guide up the glacier toward the direction of the moulin where you will jump on the zip line. Throughout this, your guide will show you different formations on the glacier known as moulins or deep glacial holes. All while admiring the barren landscape around you, you will feel like you are in a different world. 

SPECIAL NOTE: It will be colder than you think up on the glacier.  Therefore, it is very important that you have dress appropriately for our Glacier Zipline Tour.  As it’s windy and exposed on the glacier and especially at the Zipline while you’re waiting your turn.  Feel free to jump back to our How to Dress blog post to guide you!

The Glacier Zip Line

After making your epic jumps on the zip line, you will head back up the slope and off the glacier knowing that you are one of the few that got to experience something so special here in Iceland. 

Return to the Glacier Lagoon

You will finish the tour with a hike back to the glacier parking lot and a 30-minute drive back to the Glacier Lagoon where you will say goodbye to your guide and have memories of an amazing day inside of Vatnajokull National Park.




Certified Glacier Guide

and Professional Photographer


Glacier Equipment

helmet, harness, crampons, and an ice axe


2 Jumps per person on the zip line

(more if there is time)


10 Shot Photo Package Included (Per Person)

artboard (1)

Portrait and Landscape

Ice Cave Portrait and Ice Cave Landscape


Glacier Zip Line + Ice Cave Photos

All photos will be edited and sent to you within 14 days via downloadable gallery.



Water Bottle (Recommended)

You will have many spots to fill it up with glacier water.


Proper Seasonal Clothing

Warm layers for freezing or wet conditions. Warm hat and gloves.


Waterproof Jacket & Pants

Rentals are available under extras.

boots (1)

Hiking Boots

Water resistant is preferred. Rentals are available under extras.


Select Extras at Checkout


Red or Yellow Rain Jacket

Great for photos
3,000 ISK

Rain Pants

2,000 ISK

Hiking Boots

1,500 ISK



5 Additional Photos

For those wanting a bigger package
5,000 ISK

Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach Photoshoot (April to September only)

After your tour join your professional photographer guide for an additional 1 hour experience with the stunning backdrop of the Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach and receive 5 extra edited photos per person.

20,000 ISK (priced per person)


– Ice caves are a dynamic ever-changing natural phenomenon. Each year, old ice caves melt and new ice caves appear.  Photos that you see of the cave at any given time on our website or any social media will not necessarily mean that is what you will necessarily experience on your tour. This makes each experience unique and special for our guests. 

– This Glacier Zip Line + Ice Cave tour involves roughly 6-8km (~ 3.5 to 5 miles) of total hiking. The first half of the terrain is very flat yet rocky and is relatively easy for a person of average fitness. The second half is hiking on the glacier which goes up a gradual incline for about 20 minutes. The overall hike is rated as easy with some areas of moderate exercise.

-Please note the tour can take approximately 6-7 hours depending on weather conditions, the speed of the group and other daily factors. 

-If weather conditions for the the Zip Line become unsafe during your tour then your guide we alter your tour to a Glacier Hike and Ice Cave or Ice Cave tour if conditions allow it to maximise your experience.

-The minimum age for this tour is 10 years old in the winter and 8 years old in the summer. 

:: Special Notes ::

– Photo packages may sometimes take more or less than 14 days to edit. This is just our average turnaround time.

– IPJ Editor selects and edits the photo package based on what we feel are the best shots from the day. If additional photos are available outside of the package count they may be available for 1,000 ISK per but not guaranteed.

– Also be aware that if there is a request to have specific photos from the day, advance notice via email is required before the editing process begins.

– Beware: It will be colder than you think up on the glacier.  Therefore, it is very important that you have dress appropriately for our Glacier Zipline Tour.  As it’s windy and exposed on the glacier and especially at the Zipline while you’re waiting your turn.  Feel free to jump back to our How to Dress blog post to guide you!

– ´No-fly´ Zip Line tickets are for guests who wish to participate in the full tour experience, except go on the Zip Line. ´No-fly´ tickets will have the opportunity to watch their family, loved ones and friends on the Zip Line. They will not have the opportunity to leave the tour early and must stay with the guide. 

– Our Cancellation Policy can be found here. Also, check out our FAQ page if you have further questions!


What Are Our Guests Saying?

Based on 25 reviews
Laura Remick
Laura Remick
There is no other company I would recommend than Ice Pic Journeys for an Iceland adventure! We traveled to Iceland with an idea in mind and two children (4 and 5 years old), and Ryan helped us create an itinerary that was perfect for our family! He helped us arrange an incredible dog sledding experience (on land) which was unforgettable. We embarked on the Golden Circle tour and then visited the Blue Lagoon. Our tour guide, Norris, was amazing! He was incredibly knowledgeable, fun, and showed us everything in Iceland along the way. The entire day trip was amazing, and we felt so immersed in the scenery, the sites, and all of the adventure. The entire day was exactly what we imagined! Ryan was also incredibly flexible with our schedule - we decided to change our second day of touring from hiking to site seeing (which seemed better for us with kids), and he helped create a new itinerary for the South Coast that was perfect. We loved curating the Black Sand Beach and the waterfalls. We had an opportunity to explore at each site on our own and with our amazing tour guide, Agnies, who was such a pleasure to be with and who really gave us some background on everything we visited. We can’t wait to return and use them again for new journeys in Iceland!!
Ryan and Mike elevated our experience beyond expectation. Impeccable communication and attention to details. They really listened to what we wanted to do and adapted their guidance around that. We felt 100% safe and comfortable at all times during all of our adventures. They accommodated our children as if they were there own and left no stone unturned when it came to their safety. We came across many other tours and guides in a variety of environments and I can say, without question, Ice Pic Journeys is hands down the best. There was really not even a comparison to be made. If you are thinking you’ll take on Iceland on your own, you really should reconsider. If you are considering any other guide service, you definitely should reconsider. Give these guys a shot, you will not regret it.
Kevin Leon
Kevin Leon
Mike was an amazing tour guide! He went above and beyond what I had expected. My experience above the glacier was a memorable one with great company! He’s a fun guide and very knowledgeable. The videos and picture I got out this experience were well worth it, he made sure I got the shots I wanted!
liesbeth snoek
liesbeth snoek
Wij hebben de zipline en ice cave adventure gedaan en dat was geweldig. Onze gids Mike heeft ons erg veilig laten voelen. Ook namen ze echt de tijd om gave foto’s van je te maken. Het was gewoon zo gaaf en ik raad het iedereen aan. ICE pic tourneys geeft je de beste ervaring ooit die je kan krijgen in Iceland
Kan P.
Kan P.
Amazing experience. We booked the 4 hour photographer tour and it was worth every cent! We were tight in time as we had another tour booked right after this one but Ryan was flexible enough to move up the departure schedule by half an hour to accommodate our schedule. Communication was great also, he made sure we understand what to expect with tighter timeline. The guide on the day Adam was also very nice. We started super early and were able to shoot inside the ice cave with no one around, we only encountered other groups when we finished our hike, just when were were about to reach our car to get back. Can’t imagine how full it would be in such a tight space to walk. Highly recommended.
Fabian Hupe
Fabian Hupe
It was an amazing tour with our guide Adam. We have booked the ZIP-Line and Glacier Cave Tour. It was great to see how Adam setup the ZIP-Line and afterwards when we were able to use it on our own we had a blast of fun. Furthermore the pictures we received were awesome! I would recommend everyone to book a tour at these guys!
Fikki Sadykhov
Fikki Sadykhov
These guys are god tier amazing. Mike is a Legend and this is the only company that allows you to go glacier ziplining (and it’s the only place on the planet that you can actually zip line on a glacier to begin with). Don’t overthink it, book with these guys!
Marc Baudry
Marc Baudry
What an amazing experience with Ice Pic Journey. We had a VIP tour with Adam. He is a very nice guide who knows his work and many things about Iceland. He brought us to amazing ice caves, made wonderfull photos and was always smiling. We felt safe and well take care of. We recommand Ice Pic Journey a lot. Thank you Adam, thank you Ryan and the all crew.
yeni chen
yeni chen
I recently went on a tour with Ice Pic Journeys and it was amazing! The planning process was easy, and the tour guide was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The itinerary struck the perfect balance between sightseeing and free time, and we got to see some incredible places. I highly recommend Ice Pic Journeys for anyone looking for a fun, extreme and well-organized tour.
Jack Venberg
Jack Venberg
My family of three recently embarked on a 6-hour glacier tour with Ice Pic Journeys, and it was nothing short of a spectacular experience. This tour agency not only specializes in guided tours but also in capturing breathtaking photographs throughout the journey. Ryan coordinated with us through email, and he was super communicative and accommodating throughout the whole experience. Our guide, Rich, was extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and talented in his photography skills. He made sure to focus on taking natural and candid photos, making us feel relaxed and at ease. Rich was attentive to our needs and made a point to take us to isolated and fascinating locations that enhanced our experience. The ice caves we visited were simply stunning, and Rich captured their beauty perfectly. He also took fantastic photos on the diamond black sand beach, creating memories we will cherish forever. For our nighttime Aurora photography session, we were joined by Mike, who was just as amazing. He was upbeat, friendly, and encouraging, which definitely helped keep our spirits high despite the cold weather. Mike worked tirelessly until 1 am to get the best shots, even though he had plans the following morning. Their dedication to their craft was evident, as they even offered to continue taking photos past that point if we wanted. At no point did it feel like they were cutting corners or giving anything less than their all. Our experience with Ice Pic Journeys was truly exceptional, and we cannot recommend them highly enough. If you're looking for an unforgettable adventure in Iceland and want to take home incredible photographs, don't hesitate to book a tour with Ice Pic Journeys.
Based on 62 reviews
Amy S
Amy S
Amazing, one of a kind tour Best part of our trip to Iceland. The ice cave was definitely one of the most beautiful and surreal places I have ever seen. Mike was very helpful with information about the area and tailoring the trip to our specific needs. The photo package was the clincher. Was traveling with friends I don't see often so the photos were the best souvenir we could ask for. They were great both for the quality and because it meant we could just enjoy the day without stopping to take photos ourselves. Can't say enough great things about it!
Jackie C
Jackie C
Best day of our Trip! We found Ice Pic Journeys online after a lot of research - they were the company that offered the most unique tours and what sealed the deal was how quick they were to respond when I had questions. We chose the Zip Line Adventure - Adam, our guide was a blast. It was my boyfriend and I, as well as two other women who had booked that day. He was easy to chat with, and made us feel at ease, given what we were about to embark on. The initial hike up was outstanding. Adam made sure to give us plenty of fun facts and had us laughing the whole way up. Upon arrival to our first stop, Adam took the time to explain what we would be doing - zip lining over a Moulin. Once all setup, he got us safely strapped in, explained again what all we had to do and then off we went. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. Not once did I feel unsafe or uncertain. He made it fun and relaxing and we got professional shots to boot. It's such a great part of the package and he really made sure to get as many pictures as possible. We hiked back down, made one more stop into a crevasse, drank glacier water, climbed into an awesome cave-like area and then made our way to the truck. I can't recommend this company enough. Everyone was so polite, happy to answer questions, and made this experience one we'll never forget. Definitely book with these guys!
Serina D
Serina D
Incredible company, wild adventures! Ice Pic Journeys was a fantastic experience! From the ease of booking, to the expertise of the guide, to the photos we received, everything was exceptional. Our guide Adam was super knowledgeable about Iceland and was kind, funny, and also worked with my boyfriend to plan an epic proposal! The zipline he set up also looked totally safe and secure, and of course he tested it himself before letting us go haha. And then the ice cave was beautiful. We ended up getting to drink fresh glacier water too! We ended up being the only 2 on the adventure and it truly felt like a personal experience. I can’t recommend this company enough. They made our time in Iceland unforgettable!
Simons H
Simons H
Summer Glacier + Zipline Tour with Mike This was absolutely the coolest activity we did on our trip to Iceland. I cannot recommend it enough, it is a MUST if you are traveling to Iceland. Mike is incredible and gave us the best trip we could have ever asked for!!
The best thing ever We took the zipline + ice cave adventure and we had the best experience ever.Mike really made us feel very save.I really liked that the group was small it was only six people Mike took the time to take very nice pictures of us and they are amazing I would really recommend this to everybody Ice pic yourneys gives you the best experience you will ever have in Iceland
Carsten A
Carsten A
Ice Pic Journey 5 Star Tour on the Glacier We had our tour with Mike and is was a pleasure! Mike and Ryan are a good communicating team. They did not only took awesome pictures of us, Ice Pic Journey also give us a opportunity to do a tour on the glaciers with our baby. They are very tolerant and organized. Keep on doing such a good job! Thank again for your effort.
Thomas B
Thomas B
Glacier Adventures I hired Mike for 8 days of private guiding in March 2023. It was the adventure of a lifetime! We explored glaciers, ice caves, and the Icelandic alpine. Mike is a charismatic and incredibly experience guide. He is also a great photographer. Finding a guide that can take you to amazing places, and also take great photos/videos of the adventures is extremely hard to find. I highly recommend Ice Pic Journeys and will use them again on my next trip to Iceland!
Private tour, with amazing guide ! Had a amazing time with these guys, I traveled solo and the group was only 3 ppl, amazing experience with a private guide. Definitely worth it, it was the highlight of my trip to Iceland! You get all the details and information you need, and if you have any questions, you can chat on instagram, and respond very quickly. This company treats you as a person, and not a number or a paying customer like all other tours !
Valeria S
Valeria S
Best company for adventure in Iceland! We had an amazing experience with Ice Pic Journeys. They are Friendly, professional and are experts on what they do! They took us to hidden gems that very few have been to and we avoided the crowds!! They also took a lot of great pictures!Thank you!!!! Valeria
Thiago N
Thiago N
Ice Pic Journeys approach is unique We had our tour with Mike and I can honestly say our trip to Iceland would not be the same without this. We had the best time! Mike was very knowledgeable, sharing all different aspects about the cave we were and the conditions we would be experiencing. He was also very concern with our safety and aware of us and our surrounding. All of that while maintaining a very friendly interaction. The ice on the cake was the fact that their offer is unique, there is not another company in Iceland that offers the same experiences with a guide that is also a good photographer. Plus, we were indeed a very small group. While we were there I saw other tours advertised as “small groups” with 16-20 people, which was completely different than the very exclusive attention and experience we had with Ice Pic Journeys.

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